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It has been raining for two weeks non-stop. The locals say that the Pho Iva, the spirit guardian of the Half-Hill, must be angry. The Ancient says it’s possible to find the spirit inside the hidden Moon Shrine.

The Forest of the Storm is a small adventure place for Forgotten Ballad and Cairn. It was originally written for Forgotten Ballad and adapted for the A Town, A Forest, a Dungeon jam.

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Tagscairn, forgotten-ballad, Tabletop role-playing game


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Love the adventure! Am I missing something, or does the map only list two of the three moon spheres?

i just downloaded this last week and there is still no sign og the third moon stone haha

There’s one right in the beginning. Maybe I should bold it too or even make it seen more important

Are you referring to "1. OBSERVATORY. In the center, a stone sphere resembling the moon."?

As I read this (incorrectly apparently haha), I thought it was referring to something much larger if PC's can squeeze through the hole.

In area 6 LADY STATUE the statue appears human-sized in the illustration. She is holding a moonstone, implying it is small enough to hold in one hand.

This might be the point of confusion?

That’s it! I think I might change the text in the observatory to make it clearer.

thanks for the feedback 💚

Just updated the text on room 3!

cool adventure! I like it a lot.

A little remark, though: I think it’d be better to include your introduction text (“It has been raining for two weeks non-stop. The locals say that the Pho Iva…”) in the PDF file. Today, I remember what’s the situation, but in a few weeks/months time, if I’m opening the PDF, I’m almost sure that I won’t know about the two-week rain. What do you think?

Olá, Bruno! Thanks a lot for pointing it out. I’ll try to include it in other part of the text

Hey there are no files!

Damn! That’s so me hahaha