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This is a working-in-progress thing. I've tested a lot of things in my tables, but it generates only more theory in my head. The Way is a lot of things. First of all, it is an experiment on Classic Fantasy RPGs classes, an answer to the question, "What if class advancement is attached to in-game quests?". Here I try to list some of my favorite archetypes with ideas of quests to easily fit in your table (as I hope so). 

As I have a diverse cast of players, some of them coming from the 5e universe, I also aim to address one of the most common complaints of people coming from there: to have more character options.

And finally, The Way is my classic fantasy heartbreaker. The rules and playstyle written here are on top of my head for a game focused on exploration and with all my silliness. 

I hope you have fun with it. Happy games!

What you'll find in these files

  • Straightline rules compatible with B/X and Cairn
  • The ways: plug-n-play rules for classes with advancement attached to in-game quests
  • Advice on traveling and exploration
  • All original art

Got any feedback?

The text is WIP, but I'd love to hear your impressions on the mechanics and play. Hit me!


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Muito legal, cara! Achei muito interessante, simples e criativo. Agora to na espera de um bestiário para o sistema.

PS: Sou apoiador do Melodia Perdida. To na torcida para que ele seja financiado e, quem sabe, esse ser um dos próximos.

Poxa, muito obrigado! Tô testando bastante ele e curtindo bastante.

Valeu mesmo pelo carinho e apoio 💕

De nada, meu amigo. 

Alias, na página 9, o dano das armas (por exemplo a espada d6) está diferente do dano mostrado na página 13 (espada d8). Tem algum motivo para isso ou foi um erro mesmo? 

Maravilhoso. Sem palavras, cara.

Poxa, muito obrigado! 💕

What is it supposed to mean when it says “Evil”?

Also isn’t it quite a real-life stereotype that of “ORCS can digest anything organic, edible, or not.”?

Olá! There’s a lot to be revised and changed in the book, so I might change the quests. But “evil” is open to the table to define, as most of the quests are. I don’t know exactly what you mean about the stereotype, but I design this trait thinking about orcs as pig people.

Thanks for the comment!


Simply beautiful presentation. This book oozes style, simplicity, and fun. Your art is so lovely and full of character. I'm a big fan of GLOG magic and straightforward characters, so this hits a lot of really appealing buttons for me.

As you sharpen this book, I hope you will consider adding hyperlinks to aid navigation (like linking back to the WAYS rollable table)!


Thanks a lot! I really excited about this project, I’m slowly testing and refining it. I’ll sure get back to improve the pdf as well!


This is a really fun game.
The quest for abilities aspect really got me, already filled with a bunch of ideas for sessions and characters.

Awesome! The quest for abilities is the heart of the game. It’s cool to receive feedback from it. Thanks


The Way is very cool and it's fantastic in its simplicity. I love how the theme was repeated over the chapters.


Awesome to hear from you. Thanks a lot, Gabes! Glad you liked 💕


I was thinking about the game and I thought something.

This game is intended so that the goal of a session involve completing the quests of the party. But then I thought… what if a PC dies before reaching the goal?

‘Cos then you have to restructurate the mission to acomodate the quests of the new PC, because if you don’t, then the power level is unequal between players.

Awesome feedback! I need to see how it plays at higher levels because at the first ones when it happened in my tables, I was able to adapt given the quest a more player-facing goal. But I’ll look for how to advise other GMs to adapt easily. If you happen to play, please tell me how it goes!

Is cuute game 🥰😀😃

Hehehe thanks 💕

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2 things:

  1. There’s a typo on page 23. It should say “If you fail, you can’t use any of these powers”.
  2. From pages 3 to 17 and 38 to 61 there’s a total waste of paper. Too much borders and white space for very little text. It makes the book heavier than necesary and needs more sheets. I’d suggest to improve it, by making the margins (top, bottom and exterior) smaller and reduce the distance between paragraphs.

Thanks, IGKU! The book is a WIP, and the layout and text are something I’ll surely revisit. Comments like that help me focus on where to improve. Thanks a lot.


Here's another opinion. I like the layout. It reminds me of Into the Odd. And as someone with reading difficulty, this is much easier for me to digest. I'll pay for extra pages if it means I can read it.


Thanks a lot for your comment, Joey! I think the white space helps to create focus and gives the layout a more premium look. I’m super glad to know that it resonates with you.


Amei tudo! A arte, conteúdo, regras simples, perfeito! Inclusive fico muito feliz de ver alguém usando esse conceito das "classes" serem mais como caminhos e ter essa progressão baseada em missões específicas, amo demais isso! Acho que deixa tudo mais divertido <3


(1 edit)

Fez meu dia aqui! <3

I love this !

I know for sure that creating your own hack, without overcomplexifying things is hard. Your artstyle and the overall layout is eye-candy. 

I often find it hard to write satisfying magic rules, with randomness but without frustration. Magic dice are great, the little "die pool" is really satisfying. However a fumble on a 1/2/3 is really rare and only occurs if the character is level 3 or more right ?

The Way system is  great to create organic scenarios where everyone can feel involved and a good inspiration for GM writing.

Looking forward for update, great project 

Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m really glad you like it. I am sure gonna adjust some things in the project as I’m playing it, but the mission is to keep it always simple.

About the magic fumble, I might change the text because actually, any sequence of numbers will be a fumble. You can’t have a fumble with one die, but with two dice you might roll 3 and a 4, 5 and 6, 1 and 2, and so on.

Oh ok ! Thanks for the explaination on magic. Actually it does make sense that rookie magicians can't really fumble. However a "push your limits" system where you take a fatigue, and add a dice (d4 or d6?) to the magic roll could be fun and open fumbles to lvl1 magician trying to go too hard.

Good luck for the following of the project.

Good suggestion! I’ll think and test it at the table. Tell me if you had a chance to play it. Thanks a lot.

Awesome work.... the art, the rules, the character sheet... A really good way for play medieval fantasy
Just a question: Why 2d4 instead d6 on attributes rolls? 


The characters will be a little more competent than in BX, but I wanted it to cap on 4 and have most of it around 1 and 2s. But as with everything I’m still testing it all, so please tell me your impressions

Just read it all!  I love it!  Quick question about spells/magic dice: for spell that don't have the ''dice'' or ''sum'' keyword, rolling dice is to check if you'll lose a dice for the day?  Thanks!


Hey! Thanks a lot Yeah you roll to check if you gonna keep dice and if nothing wrong happen

Ok!  So if you choose to roll just one dice, nothing bad can happen?


Yep, but that’s a 50% of chance of it be consumed

Thanks!!!!!!  :)


nice art!


Thanks! Glad you liked 💕